Fast Response Time: Alarm signals are sent within seconds of
an incident over telephone lines to the monitoring station.  The
station has highly trained dispatchers available 24/7 that receive
the signals, and based on your account details will either call
police, or phone authorized parties to respond to the incident.  
This all happens very quickly, and if there is no verification or if
the account demands fast response, the dispatcher will call
police directly, telling them which part of the home or business
was violated, your address, and relevant personal information.
Why Are Monitored Alarms Beneficial?
Alarm Monitoring Service
9am - 5pm  MST
"I realized that people
are uninformed about
security systems.  My
goal is to educate them,
and help to provide
peace of mind."
John, Owner RMSG
Communication Methods and Upgrades: Alarm systems can
communicate in a variety of ways.  First, there is the alarm siren.  
The siren is placed on the premises, and is a piercing 90 to 105
decibels.  In most cases this is enough to alert immediate
occupants and cause the encroacher to flee.  Also, an alarm
system can telephone the monitoring station as mentioned
above.  Upgrades include cell phone access to arm or disarm it
remotely.  Check, arm, disarm or monitor use by Internet
Connection at work or on vacation.  Receive a report by mail on
the usage, who is arming and disarming, and at what times.  Our
panels also can contact the monitoring agency by radio or
cellular back up, ensuring your safety if phone lines go down.
Cost Effective and Easy Payment Plan:  Our monitoring pricing
schedule is convenient, and priced far below our competitors.  
Choose to pay by Check, Credit Card, or with automatic
withdrawals. We have affordable one-year contracts with
Prices are as low as $16.50 per month!  
We also reward your
patronage with special discounts, and referral rewards. Contact
us for more details!
Immediate Activation and Alert
Trained Dispatchers Notify Police
Police Respond to Home/Business
* All Alarm Systems require Customer provide Analog Telephone Line
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