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Nanny Cams, Housekeeper Cams, Pet Cams & Other Hidden Cameras
Nanny Cam
Nanny cams are a new and growing
household tool for watching our children, pets,
and other family members.  Most cameras of
this type are used for new additions to the
family, you can peek in and make sure baby is
okay.  Much like a baby monitor, these
cameras have built in microphones so you can
hear crying or coughing. These cameras can
tie into your TV set, so you can quickly check on
things or to a monitor by your work desk if you
need to get things done.  Nanny cams can
also work with your VCR or DVR.
Hidden Camera
Often the last effort in employee theft or
shrinkage is a hidden camera.  Some
employee is causing you to lose money or
possibly face a damaging lawsuit.  You have
tried everything else to stop the problem, but  
nothing has worked.  We are here to help.
Rocky Mountain Security Group will come in
on a weekend or after hours to install
cameras to spot that office thief, bully, or
corporate spy.  We can hide cameras in nearly
any device, space, or object.  We also sell
many cameras that look like regular everyday
items.  Some cameras require ZERO wiring,
so there is no damage to your walls. All
cameras can be remotely monitored, recorded
and burned to DVD. Need help?  Give us a call.