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Adding a PC to Your Network
Want to add a PC to an existing network?  We can install one for
your home or business.  We can add the jack, punch down or add
a plug to your network device, run the cable, install a surface
mount or flush mount wall outlet, and make cables to plug into
your network.  We test all our runs to verify they work correctly, and
use the best products to give your home or office what it needs.  
We can in many cases use existing jacks or wiring to lower the
cost, and lessen the clutter and installation time.  
Creating a New Network for Your Home or Business
Expensive Data/Networking companies pricing you out of the
computer network you need?  Well, not now.  Our network wiring
is affordable, reliable, and verified by our technicians.  We can run
a new network for your home or office that will suit the technical
needs, structural needs, and aesthetic needs you require.  Rocky
Mountain Security Group knows Data Wiring, it has been the back
bone of our business for Security and Surveillance Systems.  Our
experience and installation skills benefit you and get you back on
the fast track to success.
Creating a Wireless Network or Combination Wired and Wireless
Network for Your Home or Business
Many home owners and business owners want the security of a
wired network, and the convenience of a wireless network.  Why
not have both?  We have been installing wireless security
systems for homes and businesses, why not wireless networks?
Add a wireless router to your home or business and get the
simplicity of utilizing your PDA or Laptop.  It's a great attraction for
customers and visitors alike to be able to check their email while
on the go.  All this while maintaining the integrity of a wired