Telephone Wiring
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"I realized that people
are uninformed about
security systems.  My
goal is to educate them,
and help to provide
peace of mind."
John, Owner  RMSG
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Rocky Mountain Security Group
We can save you money and help you with your
Telephone Wiring needs.
With security systems, we usually have to add a phone line so that
your alarm is monitored and can call the monitoring station if
activity is detected.  Why not use that skill to help you with your
phone additions or problems as well?  We make new jacks and
runs look great.  We can run lines in or outside of your business
and have the end result work.... But still look great!  We are more
affordable than the phone company, and can be there faster too.
We make phone additions and upgrades look great!
With local phone companies you can pay up to $100.00
dollars for a technician to just show up and look at a
phone problem.  Not with Rocky Mountain Security
Group.  We will come to your home or business and
evaluate the job, and give you an estimate on the spot.  
Our hourly rate for phone issues is $45 or we may
charge a flat fee to fix a simple problem.  Give us a call,
or shoot us an email.  We are here to help you!
2nd phone number: We can make adding a 2nd number painless.  We can make sure the phone
number is on the jack or location you want.
New phone jack: We can add new lines in your home or business and add a jack or outlet for your
new telephone.
Add a fax line: We can wire up your new fax machine, and test the line.
Adding a multi-line phone: We can make your upgrade more seamless.
Static or echo on your line: We can trouble shoot phone problems, and fix them.
Tired of dealing with your local phone company?
Some of the telephone job's RMSG can do for you: